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Rockabilly Chic

The Sweetest Kittens Have the Sharpest Claws!

Rockabilly Chic!
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Anybody , Moderated
This community was created because rockabilly style is WICKED.

Thus the name of the community, Rockabilly Chíc denotes that this community is for people that are rockabilly and for those who are not, but know that the style, music, etc. is wicked.

To clear up any further confusion-- the community name is not pronounced "rockabilly chick", which has led some to believe this is a girls-only community. The actual pronunciation of the name is "rockabilly sheik." Both words mean the same thing, "chíc" just looks better!

A place to post pictures of rockabilly boys and girls and other cool stuff. Thats it.

Squares need not apply!

Stop all this jibba-jabba and read the interests...